Incinerator Plant

KINC' s impeccable quality Incineration systems are perfect blend of vast experience and world class technology.

Designing excellence and superior manufacturing processes to ensure complete destruction of furans and dioxins.

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Designed in-house, systems to operate in parallel flow and counter current flow configuration. Supplied rotary kiln units for mineral processes, calcining,oxidation catalyst recovery or treatment, and waste incineration from a number of sources.

  • Ship Board Incineration
  • Aqueous Waste Incineration
  • Industrial Waste Incineration
  • Liquid Waste Incineration
  • Pharma Waste Incineration
  • Paint Waste Incineration
  • Solid Waste Incineration
  • Gaseous Waste Incineration
  • Liquid Organic and Gaseous Waste Incineration
  • Agro-Chemical Solid and Liquid Waste Incineration


  • Length: 2mtr to 20mtr
  • Diameter: 0.5mtr to 3mtr
  • Method of heating: Direct or Indirect
  • Temperature range:500 to 1600 *C
  • Capacity: 10Kg/hr to 10mt/hr


  • Semi-Automatic Custom built design
  • Air control system for air flow rate and velocity control.
  • Bentonite
  • High Tech Solid Edge Designs.
  • Controllable heat of Reaction for Product Quality Change.
  • Compact design, easy disassemble & maintenance
  • Optimized Power Consumption
  • An unique sealing mechanism.
  • Ease to Control Critical Process Parameter On Panel.
  • Wireless temperature measurement, only of its kind in India.
  • Specially designed fine iron powder separator, ensuring high quality of finished mineral.
  • All externally lubricated bearings